My Poems in Love Letters to Gaia

Echo of the Earth | Miriam Hurdle

Let me –

Embrace stillness as the ocean reflects the light in the night
Endure suffering as stones engraved with strikes
Remember kindness as dried field once flooded with rain
Forgive me as the melted snow came and drained
Die to the desire as leaves wither and return to earth
Open to a new life as seeds rise up in spring search
Be content the humility as blossoms unfold the new beginning
Acknowledge the limitation as ants crawl on the ground feeding
Take courage in independence like the trees stand-alone
Treasure the caring as mothers secure and protect their own
Be grateful for the freedom as the eagle soars high in the sky

The Earth and Me

Unto the Hills | Miriam Hurdle

Where do I seek in times of need?

Not with my head down, looking at my feet,

But gaze up high into the sky,

Where the source of strength I meet!

In Synch With Spring | Miriam Hurdle

Seeds were fallen
hidden in the soil.
Coldness in the dark keep them
quiet in the ground.
Light and shadow
gradually shift to
bring the warmth and
Ray to the earth.
Calling the seeds to
Wake up and come forth.
Feel the warm breeze,
smell the cool air.
Slowly and gracefully
The spouts pop out,
Unfold their petals and
breathe out their scent,
Dance joyfully in synch with

My Poems and Flash Fiction in Whispers & Echoes Issues 3

Rowing Boat Miriam Hurdle

I love to go rowing boat
Weather is not the matter
May the day be sunny or cloudy
Windy or even stormy
Having you in the same boat
I can go anywhere, everywhere
We had a rough day at the sea
Almost dangerous to manage
Our hearts were in touch
Our hands were in synch
Your encouraging words to me
Mine to you, all the way through
We strived until the storm passed
A day I will forever remember
The storm brought us closer
I love to go rowing boat
When you are with me

A Tiny Spider | Miriam Hurdle

A tiny spider labors every night to
Spins his web in perfect symmetry.
What an innate architect is he!
Patiently watches for his prey to volunteer.
Meal for the night and reward for labor and wait.
Before dawn, down his trap and hides away.
When the night is nigh he starts his day.
Spins his web, again, again, again. Again!

Raven’s Eye | Miriam Hurdle

“Do you have any water left, Dave?”

“I still have some. Take a sip. Your lips are badly chapped, Ben.”

“We have been lost in unpaved hiking trail for five days.”

“We only have water enough for two more days? I hope we could locate water soon!”

“Look, Dave! A raven is circling in the air and ready to dive down.”

“It spotted a dead deer and wanted its share. I think.”

“And the deer was drinking water?”

“That may be our hope for water, Ben.”

“We could reach down by nightfall.”

“I hope this raven saves our lives.”

Hibiscus | Miriam Hurdle

There are hibiscus bushes in my garden.
They bloom today, wither tomorrow.
Their colors are cheerfully bright;
Petals are velvety, thin with energy.
Yet they live only for one day.
Wrinkles appear on the faces next sunrise.
“Sigh!” What a pity! why not stay?
They have no worry, nature was made.
When they’re alive, they live fully;
Give them all, for Creator’s glory!

My Poems and Flash Fiction in Whispers & Echoes Issues 2

Welcome to Issue 2 of Whispers and Echoes, a journal of small things, of short writing.

Denial | Miriam Hurdle

Life is a journey of progression
When going forward in the right direction
A smooth sail is not a guarantee
For a life of conflict-free
When we hide our face in the sand
Denial is a detour or motionless stand
Natural force may drag us to regression
Slide backward with no discussion
To fight the battle, we must first lose
Defeat the pride, but win the honest life

Music | Miriam Hurdle

Grateful was I as a little girl
Be exposed to music
It speaks to me
It speaks for me
When moments of
Deepest sorrow that
No words enough to comfort
Through music and lyrics
My soul is touched
My heart is comforted
The power of Music

Winter | Miriam Hurdle

“The winter has gone by in a flash. Your presence made my winter warmer. The snowball fight was hilarious; you hit my mouth when I was laughing. You taught me to play new games, and I wanted to play again and again. The stories you told me about the people down the mountain fascinated me, I wanted to hear more. You liked the hot cocoa I made and we drank it by the fireplace. You rubbed my hands and fingers to make them warm. I like winter. Why did you have to go?”

Dining Alone Miriam Hurdle

“It’s good that the wait wasn’t too long.”

“Yeah, we got here in time to beat the crowd. The after-work traffic is getting worse. Every minute counts, especially on Fridays.”

“I had a hectic week at work. Thank God the weekend is here!”

“I look forward to the weekend too.”

“I like the way you set your hair, now I can see more of your beautiful face!”

“Oh, thanks, just wanted to try something different! Did you notice that gentleman there? He used to come with his wife! He is here alone. I wonder what happened to his wife!”

Fourteen and Under | Miriam Hurdle

“Hey, Sis, got anything?”

“No! Not yet. The water is quiet. You can hear a pin drop.”

“Don’t worry, we got all day.”

“I know. How about you? Got anything?”

“Not yet! I’m glad Dad found this lake for us to hang out. We almost have the whole lake to ourselves. No big guys come here!”

“Yeah, that’s the good thing. Big guys have all the fishing gadgets. I feel stupid with my small fishing rod next to them.”

“There is a fishing contest next month for us under fourteen years old.”

“Oh, I want to do it, will you?”